_SA's first e-comm photographic and video studio
_Images are the MOST important e-comm content

Research shows the impact quality and the number of images per product have on conversion rates is massive. This means e-commerce product images need to go online faster, at a higher quality and in much larger quantities than ever before. This calls for a fully integrated post-production workflow.
_For SUCCESS in online sales.

Our Studio provides cutting-edge technology for photoshooting and displaying products. A universal, sophisticated and easy-to-control solution for automating video or standard product photography.
70% of the top 100 search results listings are videos,
and viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to
buy after watching a product video.
Reference: https://www.bright-river.com/product-video-editing
_Universal SOLUTIONS for product photography and video

South Africa's first fully fledged E-comm photographic studio using the latest StyleShoots photographic and video technology.

eCommerce video increases add-to-cart-conversion by 37%.
Reference: https://wipster.io/blog/35-stats-that-prove-the-meteoric-rise-of-video-marketing-in-ecommerce
_Create better content

StyleShoots machines help you refine your brand style and maintain a consistently high image quality across your whole website, no matter how many products you publish.

With better content to browse, your customers can more easily focus on your products and make the right choice. Add to basket.
_Instant. Seamless.

StyleShoots Live magically pieces together videos based on customizable presets and templates. Our proprietary Style Engine™ technology handles cuts, aspect ratio, transitions, fades and exports your video in many formats.

To shoot, simply follow the interface prompts based on your chosen style and the machine controls the motorized camera setup. After, your footage is saved by product for easy file management.

Lights. Camera. Action. It's all controlled from an included iPad. Our machines give you everything you need to style and photograph your products with the background automatically removed. Then style another. And another.
StyleShoots' patented technology saves you time on post-production. Multiple shots are taken assessing over 40 million pixels to create a true alpha transparency mask.
Using the built-in Light Controller™ , feature photographers and stylists can have full control over global light balance by simply swiping a finger over the iPad's Live View.
See a live preview of what your product is going to look like. use overlays in real time to lay out your shots to achieve maximum consistency and save time on getting the perfect shot.
_True colour, true quality,

An integrated Canon DSLR combined with high CRI LED lamps, embedded computer, and patented technology gives consistent true color and pro quality in every shot you take.

Everything works seamlessly, removing you from all the technical hassle of getting product images of the highest quality..
_Controlled by a single

All it takes is a single stylist or photographer and their finger to operate a StyleShoots machine using the included iPad interface.

Play with the direction of your light and create the perfect look. Instantly view shots in gorgeous, high resolution.

A study by conversion specialists Crazy Egg found that customers who have viewed a video ad of a product can be up to 85% more likely to convert.
Reference: https://wipster.io/blog/35-stats-that-prove-the-meteoric-rise-of- video-marketing-in-ecommerce
_Fast content at your

Touch controlled lights and camera. Live view. Instant review. StyleShoots Live was designed to condense the production workflow and put control in the hands of your creatives. Literally.

With a fluid interface that allows you to have a complete overview of your shoot, you only need to style and direct your models. Lights. Camera. Action. It's all designed for extreme ease of use.